Fees are in place to ensure students have necessary supplies for the greatest chance of success, and to maintain a standard of excellence for the program as a whole. These fees offset the cost of music books, shirts, tuners, sheet music, accessories (capos, pencils, picks, shoulder straps), and to maintain the instrument inventory. These items are not covered by CCSD or CEWMS, so they are funded by fees. Paying these fees helps us pay our bills on time. Fees are due by September 29th and are non-refundable. Please note that this assessment does not pay for field trips. It is the desire of the director to take field trips each year. No member will be denied the opportunities of our organization due to financial difficulties. If there are financial issues, please contact Mr. DePriest!  Please note that checks or money orders should be made payable to CE Williams Middle School, and individual student accounts do not carry over to the next school year. You may pay your fees online at [removed]



T-shirt $10

Capo $15

Tuner $10

Method Book $10

Picks $2

Chord Cart $3


Optional Guitar Instrument Fee $30 for renting a CCSD instrument for 2017-18.