Mr. Jones Social Studies Classes

Syllbus parentletter 

6th grade social studies

Mr. Jones



Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!


I am very excited about working with you and your child throughout the new school year.  I expect a lot out of my students,and as a result, I hope that they will become lifelong learners with a love for History.  I will be relying on you over the course of this year to work with me to ensure that your child works to his/her potential.


Your child will be receiving a syllabus and a list of needed materials within the first week of school. Keep the plans with you so that you may refer to them if you have any questions in the future. 


Please feel free to contact me at school with any questions, and as always I invite you to visit your child’s classroom.  Again, I look forward to working with you and your child this year, and I hope to get you both excited about Ancient World History.

-Mr. Jones

If you're looking for assignments, click on "calendar" on the left side of the screen!!!