Mrs. Cohen's Science Classes

Mrs. Cohen's Science Class


My contact information is or you can contact the school @ (843) 763-1529.

You are welcome to sign up for REMIND, which will notify important information by text message about the class activities.  The sign up number is (843) 491-5123 with the message @cohen7t

8/18/16 We are just starting to get involved in Science.  This week we were learning the classroom procedures and expectations.  We also set up our interactive science notebook (ISN).  Please make sure that your child has one!  

Next week we will be starting the scientific method.  If you have not signed up for remind please do so as soon as possible, I have already started sending out messages.

9/4/16 This week we are working on variables.  Below I have added the table of contents for the Scientific Principles and Ecology notebook.  Please make sure that your child's notebook is up to date.
9/7/16 Grade reports were given out today.  Please check with your child for the report.  We are working on designing a scientific experiment.  Students may be asking you to purchase materials for their experiment.  Please do not spend more than 2 to 5 dollars. 

Table Of Contents Cells and Genetics

 Entry #  Assignment  Title  Page #
 1 The Bodies Levels of Organization Notes 1
 2  The Body Organization: Working Together
 3  Organization Foldable/Flipable  3
 4  Concept Map -Human Body Video  4
 5  Getting It All Together Worksheet
 6  Integumentary(Skin)System Notes
 7  Illustration of the Skin
 8  Apple Demo Activity
 9  Skin Regulation Lab
 10  Integumentary System Annotation Worksheet
 11  Skin Brain Pop Worksheet
 12  Skeletal System Notes
 13  Muscular System Notes
 14  Magic School Bus Video Sheet
 15  Muscle Fatigue Lab
 16  Digestive System Notes  16
 17  Digestive System Illustration  17
 18  SIM Test  18
 19  Magic School Bus "Whats for Lunch"  19
 20  Chew on This  20
 21  Saliva Makes it Sweet  21
 22  Sims Study Guide  22
 23  Excretory System Notes  23
 24  Circulatory and Respiratory System Notes  24
 25  Notebook Quiz 7  25
 26  Respiratory System Parts Review  26
 27  Nervous System Notes  27
 28  Nervous System Brain Worksheet  28
 29  Brain Illustration  29
 30  Excretory System Worksheet  30
 31  Human Body Study Guide  31
 32  Human Body Unit Test  32
 33  Circulatory and Respiratory System Webquest  32