Mrs. Cohen's Science Classes

Mrs. Cohen's Science Class


My contact information is or you can contact the school @ (843) 763-1529.

You are welcome to sign up for REMIND, which will notify important information by text message about the class activities.  The sign up number is (843) 491-5123 with the message @cohen7t

On Line Textbook Website:
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Error Analysis Format:
1. Write the number and question that was marked incorrect.
2. Write the incorrect answer choice.
3. Write the correct answer choice.
4. Write two sentences explaining why the correct answer choice is correct.
5.  An example of this is:  Abiotic is the correct answer because on page 493 it states that abiotic factors are factor in the environment that are not living and an example of this is sunlight.  Another explanation for why abiotic is the correct answer because in my notebook entry number 12 talks about abiotic factors.

8/22/17 We are just starting to get involved in Science.  This week we were learning the classroom procedures and expectations.  We also set up our interactive science notebook (ISN).  Please make sure that your child has one!  

Process Skills and Ecology Unit Table of Contents
Entry # Assignment Title

1 Class Expectations  
2 Class Syllabus  
 3  Lab Safety Rules  
 4  Save Fred Lab Sheet
 5  Variable Cut and Paste Vocabulary
 6  Identifying Variables Worksheet
 7  Simpsons Variables Sheet
 8  Data Toss Lab Sheet  
 9  Scientific Method Note Card  
 10  What's in a Scene Questions  
 11  Levels of Organization Foldable  
 12  8/22-9/1 Bellwork  
 13  Population Outline  
 14  9/5-9/15 Bellwork
 15  Population Inquiry Warmup
 16 Levels Quiz
 17  Error Analysis Format
 18  Oh Deer Lab Sheet
 19  Notebook Quiz 1
 20  Nat Geo 20 Facts Predator/Prey Video
 21  Relationship Graphic Organizer
 22  Cut out Relationship Foldable
 23  Editor's Letter
 24  9/18-9/29 Bell Work
 25  Energy Flow Outline
 26  Inquiry Warm-Up "Where did your dinner come from?"
 27  Population/Relationship Quiz
28 Aquatic Virtual Lab  
 29  Day in an Earth worm's life  
 30  Soil Profile Illustration
 31  Bell work  10/2-10/13
 32  Notebook quiz #2
 33  Invasive species : Cosmos World
 34  Today's Special : An Invasive Species
 35  Apple Snail Article
 36  Green Invasive Article