Mrs. Cohen's Science Classes

Mrs. Cohen's Science Class


My contact information is or you can contact the school @ (843) 763-1529.

You are welcome to sign up for REMIND, which will notify important information by text message about the class activities.  The sign up number is (843) 491-5123 with the message @cohen7t

8/22/17 We are just starting to get involved in Science.  This week we were learning the classroom procedures and expectations.  We also set up our interactive science notebook (ISN).  Please make sure that your child has one!  

Process Skills and Ecology Unit Table of Contents
Entry # Assignment Title

1 Class Expectations  
2 Class Syllabus  
 3  Lab Safety Rules  
 4  Save Fred Lab Sheet
 5  Variable Cut and Paste Vocabulary
 6  Identifying Variables Worksheet
 7  Simpsons Variables Sheet
 8  Data Toss Lab Sheet  
 9  Scientific Method Note Card  
 10  What's in a Scene Questions  
 11  Levels of Organization Foldable  
 12  8/22-9/1 Bellwork  
 13  Population Outline