Mr. Chiappone ELA Class
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at CE Williams Middle School. My name is Nick Chiappone and I will be your student's ELA teacher this year. I will be teaching one section of ENG I and three sections of ELA 8. Below are some important dates and information you and your student will need to be successful this year. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any

Summer Reading- Due Friday, August 19th (information through Summer Reading tab of school website)

Stick With It- Bi-monthly Progress Reports

Remind- Directions and information sent home on Friday. (File can be found on calendar)

Gmail and Google Drive- School email address 

Parent Portal- School website

The following grade distribution will be used to calculate your student's scores for Interim, Quarter and Semester Grades...

Class Work = 50% (Bell Ringers, In-Class Assignments, Projects, etc.) 
Assessments = 40% (Quizzes and Tests)
Homework = 10% (Assigned no more than once a week)

Late Work= per CEW Handbook 

1 Day Late = 10% deduction
2 Days Late = 20% deduction
3 Days Late = 30% deduction 
4 Days Late = 40% deduction
5 Days Late = 50% deduction

I will be available after school on Wednesdays to provide support and tutoring to students who need extra help in ELA class.  All I ask is that a parent email me or leave a voice mail to confirm their student is staying that day and that they will have a ride home by 4:00 PM.
If you can not arrange transportation after school, I will be available during lunch and recess for SiTOO (Success is The Only Option) on Tuesdays as well.

Finally, we will be keeping an Interactive Student Notebook this year as we explore literature, poetry, informational texts, memoirs, essays, media and much more.  Please try and purchase a marbled composition notebook by next week. They can be found for about a dollar at any store that sells office/school supplies or online.

I hope you and your child had a great first quarter of school and a great school year. Together we can Mutari Mundi-Change the World!!!

It's a great day to be a Mustang, because we are second to none! 
Nick Chiappone
843-763-1529 X 20122
Room 208