Why join Guitar?


  1. No experience required!  We accept students that have no musical experience as well as students that have related musical training or previous guitar experience for 7th grade guitar.  8th grade guitar is for second year or advanced guitar students.

  1. You can get instruments directly through the school.  CE Williams has many instruments in a variety of sizes that you can rent directly from the school.  This can either serve as your primary instrument that you take home regularly, or a school instrument that stays at school so you don’t have to constantly transport instruments.

  1. Joining guitar is like joining a sports team, and becoming part of a family.  Like a team, we each have our own role and responsibilities to the ensemble.  While your academic classes may change from year to year, joining guitar allows you to develop friendships that last throughout middle school.   A majority of students that join in 7th grade go on to participate through 8th grade, and many elect to continue studying in high school.


  1. We have multiple concerts each year, with a variety of musical styles.  Guitar students perform school concerts quarterly, and we perform out in our community.  Because we meet daily, we learn a lot of music in a variety of styles such as folk, gospel, blues, country, jazz, rock, pop, and more!

  1. We go on field trips annually.  Field trips range from seeing area orchestras perform live, to performing in local and state festivals and competitions.  7th & 8th grade students are eligible to participate in our annual trip to regional orchestra clinics and competitions throughout the southeast including destinations like Carowinds, Orlando, and Nashville.

  1. Guitar is the most commonly performed instrument in America.  Next to singing, guitar remains one of the most common and prolific instruments that children and adults learn at some point in their life.  While some learn it just for their personal pleasure, many go on to play in their community and become performers and singer-songwriters.  Learning guitar skills also opens the door to playing other fretted instruments such as the ukulele, banjo, bass, and mandolin.