6th and 7th Grade Beginning Band

Week 36:

This is our final week of school!  We will be checking in school instruments and music, and getting everything put away for the summer.

In addition, we will be reviewing and learning some new musical terms, and playing musical rhythm bingo!  I'm looking forward to our last week of school!

See you soon!

Ms. Stanbery


Please see the Band FAQs below for frequently asked questions about 6th grade band! 

Beginning Band FAQs . . .

Do I have to have to know how to play an instrument to join band in 6th grade?

Not at all.  Sixth grade band at CE Williams is the Beginning Band. We teach you from the very beginning - how to open the case, how to put the instrument together, how to make a sound, and how to play the instrument.

Do I have to know how to read music to be in the 6th grade band?

Knowing how to read music helps, but is not absolutely necessary.  Part of the curriculum in 6th grade band is learning how to read music.

Do I have to have an instrument already in order to join the 6th grade band?

At the beginning of the school year, 6th band grade students are given the opportunity to try the different band instruments and make a choice as to what they would like to play.  It is not necessary for band students to have an instrument ahead of time.

How can I get an instrument for band?

There are several options - you can purchase one, or you can rent one.  There are several music stores in the area that we recommend for this purpose, and they can provide more information about this process.  Once students chose the instrument they want to play, this information is provided for parents.

What if I can't afford to rent or purchase an instrument?

Several school-owned instruments are provided for student use, based on demonstrated need.  Our goal is that every student who would like to be in band and demonstrates willingness and aptitude be given an opportunity to participate.  We will work closely with you to make this happen.

How can I sign up for 6th grade band?

If you are enrolled at CE Williams and would like to sign up for band, please contact the our main office and you will be directed from there.  Band is first come, first served, so sign up as soon as you can!

How can I get more information about 6th grade band?

Near the beginning of the school year, there will be a Band Open House for parents of students who are enrolled and interested in joining band.  This meeting usually takes place one evening in early September.  Please be on the look out for more information about the specific date and time.

Any other questions? 

Please feel free to contact the band director, Mrs. Stanbery, via the "Contact Me" link to the left, and we will do our best to answer your questions!