Ways to Help School

Save your Boxtops!
cutting out box tops1) Please join the CE Williams PTSA.
Click here to get more information.

2)  Help us enrich our students' experiences at school through the CE Williams Box Top Redemption Program.  

Bring your saved box tops to the front office!

It is easy to help!  It only takes 3 steps!
1) Buy items from your shopping list when at your local grocery store that are in these programs.
2) Collect labels or tops needed for reimbursement.
3) Bring to school's office the items you have collected. 

Click here for Box Tops' participating products.

3)  Ask Harris Teeter to connect your VIC Card to CE Williams. That way anytime you spend money you will be donating to your student's school.

4) Pick up a Publix Partners card from our front office and use it when shopping at Publix.  Another way to buy what you need and yet donate at the same time.