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Dear Parents:

My name is Ms. Langendorfer, and this is my eighth year teaching at CE Williams Middle School.  I graduated from Saint John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, with a BA in English, and received my Master’s in Education from Nazareth College, also in Rochester, NY.  I am thrilled to share my passion for reading and writing with your child!  Regardless of your child’s ability, ELA will provide them with the opportunity to develop greater skills as a reader, writer, and effective communicator.  

I offer after-school help on Tuesday afternoons from 2:45 - 4:00 pm, and SITOO (Success Is The Only Option) help during lunch and recess each Thursday.  Please make me aware of any questions or concerns that you may have. You may access your child’s grades through our school’s Parent Portal.  It is most convenient to contact me via email as I am able to respond more quickly than via telephone.

I expect positive and appropriate behavior at all times.  All school-wide expectations and policies will be followed in my classroom.  CE Williams Middle School practices the PBIS model for appropriate student conduct, and I follow PBIS guidelines explicitly in my classroom.  


Megan Langendorfer

If you have any questions please contact me @