Ms. Wolff 's Math Classes
 We have a lot of material to cover.  Please come with a positive attitude and a "fire in your belly" to learn and succeed.  During this semester we have A LOT to look forward to besides knowledge.  We have Homeroom Basketball, Spring Break, Atlanta Trip, Eighth Grade Formal, Field Day, and Promotion Ceremony.  And of course, there is class work, homework, quizzes, tests, MAP testing, State testing, and EOCs!
Looking forward to helping you become the successes you are destined to be.

  High School registration starts February 19.  Registration forms will be sent home for you and your parents.  You will select elective courses for next year.  Please sign the forms and bring them back by Friday, February 23.

Come to SITOO  for extra help:)Image result for Positive attitude posters