Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs)

Attention 8th Grade Learners!


An Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) is required for all 8th Grade learners before entering high school. It is a document that travels with students throughout high school and is reviewed each year as students progress. IGPs assist parents and learners explore future aspirations and set post secondary college/career goals. In the meeting, we will discuss general graduation requirements and select a career cluster/school of academy, such as information technology or hospitality and tourism. We will also examine individual abilities, interests, and personal experiences of the learner. Learners and parents will be invited to review this document each year with a school counselor to make adjustments and set new goals.

Beginning November 7th, 2018 school counselors at CE Williams will open their schedules to begin IGP Meetings for 8th Grade learners. These meetings will take place at CE Williams between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM and will last between 30 minutes to an hour.  

Don’t Panic!

Our goal is to complete all IGP Meetings for 8th Grade learners by March 22, 2019!

All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings
as school counselors will review and answer questions about high school graduation requirements, high school choice options, career/college options, scholarships, Naviance, and more.


Parents, you may schedule your learner’s IGP Meeting at the following websites:

  • If your learner has Team 8A - Ms. Ulak, Ms. Richter, Ms. White-Hazel, and Ms. Jones - please schedule your meeting with Mr. Cox at the following link: Click Here or call 843-763-5958.

  • If your learner has Team 8B - Ms. Wolff, Mr. Temoney, Ms. Johns, and Ms. Coleman - please schedule your meeting with Ms. Farrell at the following link: Click Here or call 843-763-5966.

Please sign up at your convenience!